Cape Studies Language School would like to welcome, blogger Michelle Graça to our international network. We are excited about this collaboration and everything we will be doing during the months to follow.

Michelle Graça is 34 years old, Paulista, has a postgraduate degree in Strategic Marketing. She is a  true backpacker, content editor of the blog Michellândia, collaborator of the site Mochila Brazil, columnist of the blog Generation Touch and with an uncontrollable passion to know the world.  Do you want to lean more about her blog? Visit and follow her journey!

At Cape Studies, we cannot wait to share her travel, education, travel and adventure posts. Above all, we are looking forward to her upcoming trip to Cape Town. Join Michelle as she takes part in a unique custom-made English and South African Culture Programme. For more information about Michellâdia’s trip to South Africa, please send a message.


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