Cape Studies Language School in Cape Town Welcomes International Photographer and Filmmaker Rodrigo Pysi

Cape Studies Language School is delighted to host The Same Sky, photographic exhibit by international photographer and filmmaker, Rodrigo Pysi. Mia Anzola interviewed Rodrigo for our blog and one of the highlights was what can guests expect. “You can expect a lot of feeling, truth and love. I am not going to show only beautiful photos, I am going to share a little bit of my personality through each image. I want people to see a photograph of the ocean and listen to the waves, feel the fresh air” said Rodrigo Pysi.

The Same Sky

Cape Studies Language School

21st of July, 2017 at 5:3o pm.

What does Fashion Photography mean to you? For me, Fashion Photography is a way to express my photography skills and develop concepts outside of pre-set standards. I can create and tailor the sets, I can take a designer’s idea and turn it into a film and tell a story without the need of featuring a product.

What first drew you to photography and video making? My father was in love with this field and since a very early age, I saw him showing films in the neighborhood where I lived and grew up.  Later, he made movies with limited equipment.  As time passed, I had more contact with cameras …. I remember I used five different rented cameras for my first video. That fist job allowed me to invest on my very own camera. Since then, there hasn’t been a day when I have not worked. Among the things which make me so proud is the work I do with my friend Victor De Prá. We own a Fashion Film and Photography school in Vitória ES, Brazil.

What do you think makes a photograph a memorable piece? I believe it is the reaction and feeling one can get. Everything that the image produces in addition to its visual effect.

What difficulties did you encounter at the beginning of your career? The cost and ownership of the equipment. Much of the equipment we use is very expensive. The lack of initiatives from the Brazilian Government and the limited number of free exhibit locations make it a hard field. Nowadays Social media is fascinating for artists because we can share and showcase our work but in the past, there were no such tools.

Cape Studies: What is one of your most memorable campaigns?  I have worked for more than fifty different brands in twenty two countries. One of the latest jobs which gave me so much freedom to create and develop the concept was the work done for Chaos. We broke the rules, left behind all sorts of patterns commonly used in Brazil. The result was an outstanding advertising piece, crazy and fascinating!  LINK to MAKING OF: #LIVEINCHAOS #LIVEPARTYING

What motivated you to choose Cape Studies above other language schools in Cape Town? I am a fan of extreme sports and I am a skydiver. I knew I would find opportunities for diverse activities in in Cape Town because it is a city with so much to offer. When looking for an English language school in I went for the one with better ratings and reviews and one which would offer a family atmosphere. I found everything I was looking for at Cape Studies English language school in Cape Town!


Follow Rodrigo on Social Media:

Instagram and Facebook: @rodrigopysi

Photography and Film producing company Crepax Fasion Film:Follow on Instagram @crepaxfilm and find on Facebook @crepaxfashionfilm.

You can also find his Studio on Facebook and Instagram: @studiobase40

Donné Nortjé, English Language Teacher at Cape Studies in Cape Town Has a Message: Practise English Every Day!

After a few weeks or even months of learning English in an English-speaking country, the biggest challenge students face when returning home is continuing to speak and use the language. The main reason for this is that there aren’t many people to speak English with at home. 

Here are a few suggestions to help you maintain your level of English:

1.  Find someone to practise with

This could be a friend, a work colleague, a student at your university or college or even just an acquaintance. Meet with them once a week, have a cup of coffee or even a meal together, and practise your English. 

2. Video chat.

After your holiday abroad, you made some new friends who have also gone back to their countries and are now in the same position as you. There are endless video chat options nowadays. Use one of these platforms to chat with your friends and practise with them!

3. Weekly classes.

Join a weekly conversation class. Do some research on English classes in your town or city and attend one each week. 

4. Read English newspapers, magazines, books, e-books, online articles.

Reading not only opens your mind to the world around you, but it also improves your vocabulary. When you come across a word you don’t recognise, look it up in the dictionary. Keep a vocabulary journal of all your new words, and try to use these words when speaking.

5. Watch English movies/ T.V. series/ online videos.

Don’t underestimate the importance of videos, movies and T.V. Watching with or without English subtitles can help you maintain your level of English; and you’ll learn some new vocabulary at the same time. A great example is TED Talks, where you can find a video on almost any topic that interests you.

6. Listen to music. 

While we all have different tastes in music, it’s something that everyone enjoys. Listen to English music, print out the lyrics, look up new vocabulary and sing along!

7. Use a language learning app on your mobile or tablet. 

There are so many apps available these days which you can use to revise your grammar, vocabulary and general English skills, and a lot of them are free to use. Try out a few to find the best one for you. 

No matter which of these ideas you prefer, the most important thing to remember is to keep practising your English every day!


To learn more about English language programmes in Cape Town, please visit: or email Learn (at)



Cape Studies English Language School in Cape Town Introduces its New Family English Study & Travel Programme

Cape Studies English Language School in Cape Town is pleased to introduce its new all year round Family English Study & Travel programme. It is flexible and can be customised to suit your family’s needs and schedule regardless of age and language level.
We offer a combination of high quality private lessons for younger learners and group classes for adults followed by a tailored holiday programme suited to your family’s travel interest.

Below is an example of what can be arranged for your family. For more information please emails us at Learn (at)

“Discovering South Africa” Luncheon Event at Pipeline Workspaces Sponsored by Cape Studies

On Tuesday, June 20th Pipeline Coral Gables hosted “Discovering South Africa” Luncheon Event, sponsored by Cape Studies Language School. The event highlighted the spirit, tastes and culture of South Africa at it’s finest.  Delicious local Cape Town delicatessens and South African Wines were provided by Coral Gables caterer Cuisine and Events. Pipeline members were able to learn and taste the cultural experience. Artwork by Coral Gables Gallery Artist Holly A. Jones was featured during the event, representing the similarity of tropical botanical blooms between both South Florida and South Africa.

Special thanks to Iris Marante and Adriana Cruz from Pipeline Workspaces and Holly A. Jones for being part of our event.

Welcome to our “Rainbow Nation”, a diverse melting pot of cultures and colours, where Father Christmas carries a surfboard, snow is almost unheard of and people sing on their way to work. South Africa is a country of contrasts with wide-open landscapes and bustling, cosmopolitan cities. Our dramatic past and hopeful future are not the only reasons why people come here.

Voted as one of the top five language schools in the category ‘STM English Language School southern hemisphere’, Cape Studies is the most prestigious English language school in Cape Town. Our Business English Course has become a popular programme among professionals needing to cover a wide variety of different business subjects, ranging from banking to international conferences and interviews.

Other accolades include our Cambridge exams, IELTS and TOEFL success rates. Of these achievements we are proud and motivated to keep up the excellence.

Learn everything Cape Studies has to offer, visit

Speak & Fun Idiomas Features Special Cape Studies Promotion

Speak & Fun is running a special promotion available to anyone interested in attending Cape Studies. This is the perfect opportunity to benefit of a 20% discount on all group English programmes and experience the very best of South Africa! Cape Studies has put a list of activities together and we are sure you would enjoy all!

Example offer for 4 weeks
Standard English Course with host family accommodation (half board) € 1,690
Lessons of 50 minutes each
Max. 8 students per class
International environment
Excellent host families
Free airport pick up

To learn more about Speak & Fun, promotion dates and travel tips, we invite you to visit their website and blog.

George Stamelatos, teacher at Cape Studies shares his favourite English language expressions

One of the more amusing things about studying English is the odd words and expressions that you come across. My favourite expressions are those that rhyme or have a musical sound to them. I am thinking of expressions such as willy-nilly and shilly-shally, and words like brouhaha and kerfuffle.

Why do we use them and what do they mean?
Well, I use them because they are fun to say and make your language more colourful and expressive.

Their meaning?
Willy-nilly, my favourite, has the idea of things being done haphazardly, without any planning at all. Two ridiculous words which sum up everything in the universe, from the Big Bang to the confusion at the Oscars when the wrong film was named as best film. You can plan as much as you like but the future is totally unpredictable. In fact, we live in a willy-nilly world.

This idea of universal unpredictability will probably lead to a kerfuffle on the part of a number of you. That is, you will make a fuss about and disagree with my point of view. Some will even go so far as to create an absolute brouhaha with their noisy disagreement.

If that’s how you feel about my view of the universe, don’t shilly-shally about what you should do. Be resolute, take a stand and put fingers to keyboard and tell me what you think.

Accredited TEFL/TESOL Courses at Cape Studies Language School in Cape Town

Cape Studies is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with Global TEFL in the UK and is now offering accredited TEFL/TESOL courses!

Cape Studies in Green Point, Cape Town is an established language school with 22 years of teaching experience. We have a wide range of TEFL/TESOL courses to suit everyone’s budget, interest and schedule. Completing a course with Cape Studies will allow you to teach, travel, experience different cultures and countries whilst earning money.

Global TEFL in the UK is also an established organisation with over 20 years of teacher training experience. Their courses are all internationally accredited and therefore recognised worldwide. More than 58,000 people have participated in their courses and are teaching around the world today. Global TEFL provides the most updated and modern learning platform with experienced trainers and tutors.

Enroll now and start your teaching adventure today! Already teaching? Get certified and update your CV and teaching methods! Our TEFL/TESOL courses are available at competitive rates and include:

1. Online course – choose between 40 hours (TEFL Business English), 60 hours (Foundation course), 120 hours (Advanced course), 150 hours (Master course) or one of our Specialist courses. We highly recommend the Advanced and Master course if you are looking to make a career as an ESL instructor or looking to teach overseas. The more hours you complete the more value it adds to your CV. You have a maximum of 6 months to complete any of these courses.
Course can be started at any time. Available from R 1 700

2. Blended course – all the theory is covered online with tutor support whenever needed as well as 20 hours of classroom observation and teaching practice, which adds up to 120 hours. The teaching practice must be completed within two months of finishing the theoretical part of the course.
Course can be started at any time. R 4 790

3. Weekend course – taught in class by an experienced and qualified teacher. You will learn about lesson planning, grammar components, classroom management and gain teaching practice.
Course starts at the beginning of every month (16 hours). R 3 000

Whether you are based in Cape Town or on the African continent, we have a TEFL/TESOL course to suit you. Completing the TEFL/TESOL course will enable you to achieve your goals in a short period of time.

Contact Cape Studies immediately to book your course and claim your discount* today. Applicants must be 18 years or older and fluent in English.

* We are currently offering 50% discount on our 150 hour Online Master TEFL course and 30% off our Blended course and Specialist course.

For more information and bookings:
Annaelle (at)
Learn (at)

StudyNet and Cape Studies Celebrate 10 Years of Collaboration

Owned and managed by Claudia and Roberto Passarelli, StudyNet has recruited mostly Brazilian students for study abroad programmes since 1989. Rock solid quality is their motto and Cape Studies is proud to be part of the portfolio they work with. Their clients’ profiles are as varied as the phenomenal 35 destinations they offer. Currently, college students, graduate students and young professionals top the list. Other age group is 50 plus who want to gain new language skills while enjoying culture and leisure time.

We had the opportunity to interview Roberto Passarelli to learn what factors have allowed StudyNet to successfully promote Cape Studies. Read through the end so you don’t miss our Instagram special and discover more current promotions by StudyNet.

1. What makes Cape Studies stand out from the other options of English language schools in Cape Town?
The location, friendly and professional staff and experienced teachers.

2. What do your clients look for in an English language course
A place where they can not only get immersed in the language but also get to know the culture of the country, do some sightseeing and be able to use the language skills they have just acquired.

3. What advantages and disadvantages does South Africa represent as a study abroad destination in comparison to Canada, United States, England or any other country where English is the official language?
The cost of living is much affordable and this is a great advantage. The happiness and friendliness of the people of South Africa are so valuable! In the past 10 years that StudyNet has been promoting South Africa as a study abroad destination, we have not had one disadvantage to report.

4. What do you consider are the strongest selling points of Cape Studies and Cape Town?
Cape Studies is located in Green Point, Cape Town which is a privileged location. Safe, trendy, easy access to main attractions are some of its characteristics. Host families are in proximity to Cape Studies and the Student Residence is on the school premises. Staff and teachers are kind are professional.

For more information about our 2 week winter special:
Address: Rua Antônio Simão Mauad, 149, 4º Andar – Centro Itajubá – MG | CEP 37500-180
Telephone: (35) 3622-4817
Email: info (at)