Cape Studies Intern, Nick Quellhorst, Shares the Experience of His First Weeks at Work

Sometimes you walk into a room and you feel an atmosphere like home, as if you walk into your own living room. That was the feeling I had when I walked into the house of Cape Studies. Everyone was very personal and interested in what I was doing here in Cape town.

This hasn’t changed during the last 3 weeks, in fact, the feeling has become stronger and stronger.

As an intern it is always hard to find the right spot for you inside the company. Everyone already has their spot and suddenly here I am as a new intern, shaking things up. I did internships before and most of the time it was hard for the employees to get used to a new face and most of all a new voice inside the company, who was only an “intern”.


From the beginning, I have never felt like this at Cape Studies. Everyone was pleased that I was here to help them and they even asked to come up with new ideas for the company. Everyone was willing to help where needed.
The first week was mostly seeing how everything goes at Cape Studies and get to know all the people. And I must say you will get to know a lot of people in a very short period of time. All the students are interested in what this new guy is doing here and want to know your story. Altogether, I am very pleased to do my internship at Cape Studies. It is a relative small company, but very personal. There is enough space to come up with new ideas and new strategies. It really feels like a big family and because of this, everyone is open for new suggestions and new ideas about the company.


I am looking forward to my next couple of months here and hopefully there will be even more to learn and experience for me.

Win a Two Week English Language Course at Cape Studies

Cape Studies has a special giveaway for Mexico residents! Register to attend Ustudy’s upcoming event Expo Ustudy: Estudia en el Extranjero para Menores de 18 and enter for a chance to win a 2 week English language course at Cape Studies.  

We are very pleased to be part of this event and have put together this prize:

 2 week standard English language course

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Cape Town City Tour

Attend the Expo and learn about some of the best international boarding schools, language courses and summer camps.

Attending institutions:

Claremont Independent School, The Woodstock Academy, Nord Anglia Education, ABSI, Foxcroft School, Howe Military Academy, Hillside School, The Winchendon School, St. Martin’s Episcopal School, IMG Academy and EduPass.

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Howe Military Academy
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IMG Academy
Howe Military Academy
Hillside School
The Winchendon School
St. Martin’s Episcopal School
IMG Academy
EduPassHowe Military Academy
Hillside School
The Winchendon School
St. Martin’s Episcopal School
IMG Academy

Cape Town: Hiker’s Paradise

Many of our students at Cape Studies have a long list of fun activities that they want to cross off in Cape Town. Table Mountain is usually at the top of that list. Many of our students decide to head up Platteklip Gorge, as it is very easy to access and you are rewarded with stunning views when reaching the top. In addition to Platteklip there are other routes that are equally enjoyable, unique and fun in their own ways.

Certain routes will attract you more depending on your fitness and time constraints. If you are looking for peaceful and relatively relaxing hikes, I would recommend places like Deer Park or Newlands Forest. Deer Park starts at the top of Vredehoek and trails lead up to Tafelberg road (the road that one accesses to use the cable car or head up Platteklip Gorge and Devil’s Peak) and you can walk beneath Devil’s Peak where you can loop back to where you began. This route is popular with runners and mountain bikers too. The surroundings are peaceful and the views are great even though you are not on top of Table Mountain. You can pick a route according to your schedule.

Newlands Forest has something special about it too. If you like to hike beneath the canopy of pine trees and enjoy natural surroundings, this route is for you. You are able to hike various loops and if you’re feeling really adventurous head up Nursery ravine, Skeleton’s Gorge or Rhodes Memorial (these are all day hikes and will require adequate preparation). Most of these routes lead to the top of the mountain where you are able to see some of our dams. Newlands Forest has some wooden walkways and routes that are enjoyable but not too challenging. It is also relatively close to Kirstenbosch Gardens which you could visit afterwards or combine it as part of a day trip.  

There are plenty of beautiful hikes in and around Cape Town and you should do as many as you can. Safe hiking!

Jürgen Dünhofen – English Language Teacher at Cape Studies Language School


Cape Studies English Language School in Cape Town has Partnered with Global TEFL in the UK to Offer Accredited TEFL/TESOL Courses

Cape Studies is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Global TEFL in the UK and we now offer accredited TEFL/TESOL courses.

We have a wide range of TEFL/TESOL courses to suit everyone’s budget, interest and schedule. Global TEFL’s courses are all internationally accredited and therefore recognised worldwide. More than 45,000 people have completed Global TEFL courses and are teaching around the world today.

Our TEFL/TESOL courses are available at competitive rates and include online courses, a blended course and a weekend course.

Our Weekend course is taught at the school by an experienced and qualified teacher. Students learn about lesson planning, grammar components, classroom management and gain teaching practice.

The online courses and the blended course can be started at any time. The Online Master TEFL course totals to 150 hours and we even offer free job placement for students who have completed the courses.

We are very excited about sharing the experience that we have gathered over more than 20 years as a school. Completing a course with Cape Studies will not only equip individuals to teach, but it will also give them the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures and countries.

For bookings and more information, please email 

Cape Studies Language School Hosts International Universities Visit to South Africa

Press release – Cape Studies Language School Hosts International Universities Visit to South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa – 08th of September 2017


Cape Studies (South Africa) in collaboration with UStudy Global (Israel)

Johannesburg: Monday September 11th & Tuesday September 12th

Cape Town: Thursday, September 14th & Friday, September 15th

Cape Studies Language School is pleased to announce its collaboration with UStudy Global in organizing an international university road show consisting of visiting high schools in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

Given the increase in demand for study abroad opportunities among African students living in South Africa and South Africans, Cape Studies and UStudy Global will be visiting the top 10 South African high schools. Cape Studies will be introducing counsellors representing colleges from the USA, Canada, the UK and Switzerland as well as UStudy Global, which has offices around the world to the schools. The main fields of study to be promoted are engineering, filmmaking, forensics and liberal arts.

Cape Studies’ offices will be representing UStudy Global in South Africa and will be provide information and assistance with visa applications. information regarding subsidies for deserving students will be available.  This is one of many projects currently underway at Cape Studies. Our leadership in the EFL industry and education sector allow us to supply top education opportunities to South Africans.

In addition to our normal English language courses taught at Cape Studies in Cape Town, the language school now offers both online and onsite TEFL training, international university placement, government sponsored local training, company training for South American based US companies and internships.

Please direct your questions to

Cape Studies English Language School in Cape Town Announced Alliance with Sister Cities International – Miami Dade County

Press Release – Cape Studies Press Release Sister Cities

Cape Town, South Africa – 07 September, 2017

Cape Studies, an English language school that provides classes for business professionals, immigrants, university students and school leavers, proudly announced today its alliance with Sister Cities International – Miami Dade County. Jens von Wichtingen, founder and director of Cape Studies, stated: “Cape Studies has always been involved in its community, seeing that we are in the educational sector, we believe we are in the fortunate position to make a difference and promote further growth and development in a sector we know very well.”

Realising the importance of multicultural cooperation, long term efforts of our Miami based Marketing office for the Latin American market and its office manageress Ms Mia Anzola Manrique have led to the visit of Sister Cities International – Miami Dade County executive board member Ms Carolina Rendeiro to Cape Town.

Meetings with the City of Cape Town’s International relations department, with WESGRO, the Western Cape provincial investment agency and Daniel Stemmet, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Cape Studies were successfully conducted. Ms Rendeiro was given the opportunity to meet with decision makers on a provincial level.

Daniel Stemmet, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Cape Studies Language School in Cape Town and Carolina Rendeiro of Sister Cities International.

“Cape Studies brings the world to Cape Town, it was a phenomenal experience to see their program in action with students from 14 countries. Sister city relationships offer the flexibility to form connections between communities , through business, cultural and education that are mutually beneficial and which address issues that are most relevant for partners . I look forward to building a stronger relationship with Cape Studies program and our Sister Cities with Cape Town.” said Ms. Carolina Rendeiro.

Cape Studies and Sister Cities International – Miami Dade County have signed a memorandum of understanding to define and extend the relationship between the two and to promote Cape Studies among the worldwide members of Sister Cities International – Miami Dade County . Further projects were agreed on.

Please direct your questions to

Cape Studies English Language School in Cape Town launches High School Programme

Press release – for immediate release

Press Release Generation Schools

Cape Town, South Africa – 06th of September 2017

Cape Studies has the pleasure of announcing that for the first time ever, it will offer a high school programme starting in 2018!  For the time being this is only available to our German students, in collaboration with TRAVELWORKS – Germany. More information available below in German only.

A collaboration with Generation Schools and Cape Studies
Generation Schools aim to provide an education model based on the Montessori philosophy that is extremely popular worldwide. The founders of Google and have had the benefit of this philosophy of education and they credit their success to the “divergent thinking”, which this philosophy of education offers. In a world that is continuously changing, the focus is not to ‘box’ a particular time frame, in terms of teaching methods, but to understand that the focus is on an educational model that will grow with change and is founded on teaching principles that have been in existence since the 1800’s.

This “divergent thinking” sees the schools incorporate various models of education into their teaching philosophy. The Montessori philosophy carries through in all the phases. The curriculum in the preschool is based on authentic Montessori practice. In the Primary and High School, the Cambridge curriculum is introduced which offers IGCSE’s, AS, A and A2 levels, with an international matriculation so that learners can study anywhere in the world.

Please direct your questions to Jens or to Travelworks

Hermanus Generation School

Küste, Wüste, Strand, Berge, Höhlen und wilde Tiere – rund um den malerischen Badeort Hermanus an der Atlantikküste lässt sich das volle Südafrika-Programm erleben. Deine Freizeit verbringst du hier bestimmt draußen – dafür warten am Westkap einfach zu viele Naturwunder darauf, von dir entdeckt zu werden. Zu deren Highlights zählen die Glatt- und Buckelwale, die jedes Jahr zwischen Juni und Dezember vorbeiziehen. Nur wenige Hundert Meter vom Strand entfernt, schießen sie ihre Fontänen in die Luft. Kein Wunder, dass die Hermanus-Region auch als Walküste bezeichnet wird.

Sunningdale Generation School

Hier im Norden der “Mother City” Kapstadt nahm die Erfolgsgeschichte der Generation Schools ihren Anfang: Im Januar 2016 öffnete der Sunningdale Campus erstmals seine Tore. Und entlang der Flure und auf dem Schulhof ist noch immer diese Aufbruch-Euphorie zu spüren; das Gefühl, an einem tollen Projekt teilhaben zu können. Es verwundert also ganz und gar nicht, dass sich immer mehr Schüler an der Privatschule anmelden, um ganz individuell aufs Leben vorbereitet zu werden.

Time to Spring Into Action

Our teacher Laura Le Roux has shared this blog post. Perfect timing  for this season.

Spring /sprɪŋ/


1. move or jump suddenly or rapidly upwards or forwards.

“I sprang out of bed”

synonyms: leap, jump, bound, vault, hop


1. the season after winter and before summer

“in spring the garden is a feast of blossom”     (Oxford Dictionary)

1 September will mark the first day of spring in South Africa. Not only is spring the bearer of sneezes and red runny noses for those of us with dreaded allergies, but it is also a beautiful season bringing earlier sunrises, warm and soft sunny days anda brighter shade of green to the city of Cape Town and surrounds.

Time to put those winter blues behind you, shake off the winter coat and get ready for a month of whale watching, food festivals, and experience the beauty of the West Coast flowers. September is when we celebrate Heritage Day or Braai Day, as it’s known, a day when all South Africans celebrate their diverse cultural heritage.

Take a drive to Cape Point for some amazing hiking routes and whale watching or enjoy a cocktail overlooking Cape Town’s stunning beaches.

A wise man once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s party!” ” so get out, try something new and take advantage of the first kiss of summer.


Photo credit: Raquel Catalani

Filmmaker Rodrigo Pysi Captures Breathtaking Shots of Cape Town

At Cape Studies we are busy working on our 2018 material! We have so many wonderful photographs, videos and student testimonials to share with you. We gladly present one of the videos international filmmaker Rodrigo Pysi made of beautiful Cape Town.

To get the very best views and shots of the Mother City, we couldn’t do it any other way than by helicopter.  NAC Helicopters Cape Town the company selected  for this adventure. To learn more about the scenic flight we chose, you can visit the link: Hopper Tour.


Cape Town Rodrigo Pysi